Kessler ITA 1.8 Miata Engine (BP) for sale. It was built at the start of 2017 at a cost of $6800, starting with a Mazda crate long block engine (purchased by me in 2010). This engine made 139hp/126tq on a Dynojet (SAE Smoothing 5) in April 2023.

Asking $5500 (obo). ISC and other parts available to buyer for $1000 (based on a full-price sale of the engine).

General build specs:
** Bottom end freshened start of 2022 (new block, pistons, rods) and lifters replaced. Block bored .020 over
** Head freshened start of 2023 (including injectors), along with new oil pan, new stock Mazda Oil Pump and Jesse Prather Oil Pan Baffle
** Compression test numbers November 1 2023, cold engine, all cylinders 220+psi

Kessler Engine Build specs:
** Block stripped, blasted, brass core plugs
** Align honed main bore
** Decked
** Bored and honed with torque plate
** Wiseco pistons, low tension rings
** ARP rod bolts
** Reconditioned and balance connecting rods
** Ground, indexed, balanced crank
** ACL or Clevite Race bearings
** Teflon crank scraper
** New Mazda oil pump
** New water pump, t-belt, pulleys
** New lower and middle timing covers
** New Mazda crank pulley

** Media blasted, no sand
** Align hone cam journals
** Competition valve job
** New Mazda springs (purple)
** New Mazda valves
** Deck to 9.5:1
** Polished cams
** Port matched intake and header

** Small water hoses eliminated, weld
** EGR eliminated, weld
** Hyrdo dip "Carbon Fiber" Valve Cover

* Sold as long block with port matched intake, starter and alternator
* Includes Advanced Autosports engine stand ($100, )

ISC and Other Parts Available Separately
* Setrab 50-613-7612 (613M22I), 13-row, M22 ports AN10 fittings
* Mocal SP1T thermostatically controlled sandwich plate
* Advanced Autosports Remote Oil Pressure sensor relocation kit
* ISC Racing Intake and Intake Heat Shield
* ISC Racing Ignition Coil Kit (uses MSD Dodge Neon coil and wires)
* SuperMiata hybrid motor mount kit (right side 70 durometer, left side Mazda Comp left side

Miata BP Engine Spares available separately
* Alternators (rebuilt by Dana at Auto Electric Warehouse Inc in Merrimack NH)
* Starters (rebuilt by Dana at Auto Electric Warehouse Inc in Merrimack NH)
* Multiple sets of injectors
* Cooling Hoses
* Oil Filters