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Thread: New EFI Tuning Guide from DIYAutoTune - a killer DIY EFI Education Resource

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    Default New EFI Tuning Guide from DIYAutoTune - a killer DIY EFI Education Resource

    Heads up all, it's been a while since I've posted here but I wanted to see what ya'll think of this new articles series. It's essentially a similar sized effort to the book I once wrote on the subject but I'll be releasing it in chunks' as time goes on. Hoping to add a new chapter every week or two, with the goal being to aid and equip our customers to learn the ins and outs of EFI Installation, Tuning and Configuration, and eventually I'll get into case studies converting different vehicles to one of our Standalone Engine Management Systems, documenting the process, and posting it up to help others follow along. I've got a shop full of cars I can play with when I get to that point, should have something for everyone.

    Check it out....

    EFI Tuners Guide – Overview and Table of Contents
    Chapter 1: Why should you convert to Electronic Fuel Injection?
    Chapter 2: Why should you convert to Electronic Ignition Control?
    Chapter 3: Garbage In, Garbage Out: A properly installed, configured, and tuned Engine Management System makes all the difference! (three stages of success)

    To topics I plan to cover are in the Table of Contents. What's missing?
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