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    While I can't expect this will rejuvinate conversation here, there's a few things you should be aware of if you're not:

    - ITAC/CRB has added turbo cars to ITR. The regs changes was posted earlier in the year (March?) and the list of cars and classified weights was in the October Fastrack. It will all be in the next iteration of the GCR (November?).

    - ITAC is floating the concept of requiring 200TW tires in all IT classes. If you have participated in IT within the last 5-ish years you should have received an survey email. If you did not receive it and wish to offer feedback before it goes to the CRB, post here and I'll ask someone on the ITAC to contact you.

    Note that the 200TW is NOT yet a rule, so your feedback is appreciated. If the ITAC chooses to make a recommendation toward that to the CRB, then the CRB will consider it and publish the regs change. From there it will go to the Board of Directors for blessing. So your opinion counts.

    There is also discussion about a movement to rejuvinate Improved Touring as a whole. This discussion is mostly happening on Facebook, but high spots are that it's time to get the community off our asses to Make IT Great Again. "MITGA"...? What color should our hats be...?

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    A post! A post!

    Haven't run in IT since 2015, but considering going back in 2022 (if I can get my fuel pump replaced - see thread in Ford Race Cars ). Not in favor of the 200TW. I don't think the class has lost participation because of the tires. In SEDIV, where IT is in pretty good shape, I believe having more regional based series (e.g. a championship consisting of races at tracks in SC, NC and VA) instead of a division wide championship (entire SEDIV) could create more interest and participation because there's something to chase without towing all over the southeast. It could be a series within a series for those who want to chase a SARRC championship, but would give others (like me) an incentive to go a little farther than the nearest tracks.

    Just my two cents. Your mileage may vary.

    If anyone other than GA reads this.

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    I read it! Getting cars back on track is key. Frank Schwartz has developed a map indicating the different classes with car and driver, both active and inactive. I sold my ITA car last year but will be picking up two cars to try to help bolster numbers.
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