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Thread: Fuel Pump Issue

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    Default Fuel Pump Issue

    ITS - 1999 Mercury Cougar, 2.5L V-6. Former Capaldi Racing build for Craig Capaldi's driving school and early racing days.

    Pretty sure the fuel pump in the stock fuel tank has gone bad (no fuel pressure, sending unit - which has always worked - isn't). Ford, in their infinite wisdom, has provided an access plate in the floor pan over the sending unit / pump access hole in the tank, but its not big enough to clear a new fuel pump assembly. Short of dropping the tank, which I don't really want to have to do because I don't have a lift handy, I'm at a loss how to proceed.

    I have some ideas, but this place needs something to argue about.


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    I'd widen the access hile and fab up a nice-looking cover palte, similar to the stock design. No one will notice, or even care.
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