1982 VW Rabbit. This car was raced in SCCA's Improved Touring C class (ITC, but in theory could be run in HProd or vintage with a few changes) and was purchased as a project car. The car was built in 2000 and has a full roll cage (need another passenger door bar) and an SCCA logbook. The car hasn't been on track in a few years and will need some going through including an engine swap, some suspension work and likely other minor repairs.

BODY: This is the US early square (Westmoreland) body style that VW used before going to the "wrap around" turn signal type in the last years. Mk1 fans love this style for some reason... or if you're a round headlight guy, I think you can swap out for rounds using the same core support and fenders. Up to you. The original owner says the car has had body work, but I've yet to find out where. Strut towers and A-pillars look solid.The inside has been cleaned and painted a smoke gray. The exterior paint has been rubbed out. Looks much better than posted pic.

ENGINE: The engine currently in the car is a stock 1.6L; however, the block is cracked. A 1.7L is available for an additional $150. The engine is equipped with a tubular header. An exhaust pipe comes with the car. It currently doesn't have a battery.

The car reportedly has a twin fuel pump system that helped with fuel starvation in the corners, however I haven't looked through it in detail.

TRANSMISSION: Stock 4 speed with open diff. Shifted fine in the other car. It has axles, knuckles, brakes, etc.

SUSPENSION: The car needs some suspension work, however it comes with some parts to help that along. The car has stock uprights holding up the front right now (hence the funny stance in the photos); however comes with most of the parts needed to run a coilover sleeve setup with camber plates. I'm including a set of Bilstein sport uprights and the camber plates, but they'll need to be adapted to the tower tops (previous owner had a different style mount on there). In the rear, there's a set of older Carrera shocks with coilover sleeves and springs, plus a sway bar, maybe two.

WHEELS: Comes with a set of stock 13 inch "Tarantula" wheels on old/junk tires.

SAFETY: Comes with a window net, race seat and full cage, although I believe the passenger side door bar may need to be updated to be at least an X to be legal at most race venues.

Have many more pics I can email interested party.

mwesterfied (at) gowestech (dot) com