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Thread: VW Mk I part out!

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    Default VW Mk I part out!

    I raced a Mk II Scriocco in IT but the car came to an untimely end this past winter. So now I'm trashing the car and selling what parts I can off of it. I have two good 1.8L 16V engines. I have many halfshafts, Cv's, and other drivetrain parts. I have photo sharing website where I have pics of what I have. Some items have been sold but ask me and I'll let you know if I have one of what you want. I have mutiples in many cases.
    Nine Enkie wheels, 15X7, a set of 4 used Hoosier SM7 tires.

    I live near Chicago, IL.

    IF the site asks for a passwork use "Cobra5880"
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