New Improved Touring (IT) Eligibility:

1980 1993 Improved Touring (only SCCA classes ITA, ITB, ITC) configuration cars that have the OEM fuel system with the tank mounted between the axle center lines. Continuation cars allowed.

Mazda Miata may only be 1.6L.
Mazda Miata 1.8L is not permitted.
Refer to 2007 GCR Appendix I for roll cage specifications, period FIA cages also acceptable.
Fuel cells and fire systems are optional, handheld fire extinguisher is required. Fuel cells if installed subject to VRG requirements.
Cars without fuel cells will maintain factory fuel system in the factory mounted location.
Body panels must be made of original equipment materials.
Body panels or bumpers may not be modified nor removed. No non-factory flares allowed.
Driver and car safety equipment, as well as tires, subject to VRG rules, regulations, and specification.

Improved Touring Car Classification:

ITC: under 1600cc
ITB: 1600cc to 2499cc
ITA: Over 2499cc or any forced induction

These and all other rules can be read in detail on the VRG Website at:
Specific Rules related questions can be submitted to the VRG Eligibility Chair: [email protected]