1987 RX7 Roller that was my fatherís. Cleaning out the garage for Mom after he passed away. I have more pictures, Iíll post them when I can.
Was an SCCA ITS car project that never went anywhere, next it was going to get a V8 conversion...didnít go anywhere with that either. Although there is also a 302 and T5 kicking around as well (Iíll list those separately).
Rust-free and straight. It is a 4-bolt wheel car but has extra parts (pictured) from a later 5-bolt car.
There is a box of misc engine parts (disassembled). Iím not sure what else is around that can go with the car but Iíll keep digging.
Car is located in a the Buffalo, NY area (Wheatfield, NY to be exact).

I posted it with a few photos here: