Hello all,

I am returning to road racing after a 20 year hiatus and hope to run at the August SCCA races at PIR as part of a family vacation to the PNW. SCCA has issued me a full competition license (due, I surmise, to my stage rallye and ongoing driver coaching activities during the intervening years and the fact that I have been the pace car driver for a dozen Majors or Super Tour events at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit). I plan to run a 1984 Mazda GSL-SE rallye car that has been modified to Improved Touring spec and has received an annual inspection just this week.

So I believe I have things covered from the safety, licensing and mechanical sides of things but would like some more info about the "Triple Regional" weekend (if that's what is happening) and what other cars might be in my race group. If my research is correct the RX7 will qualify for ITS, ITE or even your ITJ class so I'm curious how many cars might appear in each of those classes.

Any info shared is greatly appreciated.

Mike ...