Millville NJ, January 2018. The event supps for The Devil in the Dark 2018 have been posted on the Region website. This version is complete and approved by SCCA. This is an advance version for teams planning to enter the event. Registration for this year's event is open.

There are very few changes in the 12 Hour regulations for 2018. A small number of items highlighted in the recent
endurance survey have been incorporated this year in an effort to broaden the competitor base.

A major change for this year's race is the event date moving from its traditional April slot to the end of October. It was the time of year most preferred in the survey and the one which creates the fewest conflicts with other events. This year's event will be on 27 October 2018.

The only significant update to the car preparation rules this year is a pair of measures intended to encourage the use of ****** ***** (TW 180+). Competitors who use ****** ***** in this year's race will have the option to (a) run in the next lower Endurance Class or (b) run in the same Endurance Class with no wheel / tire size restrictions. Parity between ****** ***** and DOT RComps was the single most requested change to the race format since it provides the opportunity for a substantial reduction in a team's race budget.

The only change in car classifications is Spec Racers have been moved to their own class to eliminate an existing class inequity. In conjunction with the separate classing, a new 6 Hour Spec Racer Endurance Challenge will be a major feature of The Devil during the Day 6 Hour race.

There are no changes to the event operations - driver eligibility, pit stops, fueling, etc.


There will be an SCCA Test Day on Friday, 26 October for 12 Hour competitors and other closed wheel cars.

Registration is open

Racing around the clock again in 2018!