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Thread: Semi-Pro Racing for IT and ST cars in 2018

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    Exclamation Semi-Pro Racing for IT and ST cars in 2018

    As many of us know, the Pro-IT series is taking a hiatus for the 2018 season. But there is a silver lining for those of us who enjoyed the semi-pro environment that it offered - The US Touring Car Challenge is taking its step out of its comfort zone and is coming to the East Coast via the South Jersey SCCA Region.

    The scope of modification for USTCC's classes is wider than what's allowed in Improved Touring but SCCA Super Touring cars should fit really nicely into their Touring and Sportsman classes. It's their first year on the east coast so they're being very flexible with rules around the spec tires and wheel sizes to encourage as many entries as possible.

    They have three races at the two NJMP tracks this year running alongside the NJRRS / MARRS events this summer:

    • June 1-3 - NJMP Lightning
    • August 10-12 - NJMP Thunderbolt
    • September 21-23 - NJMP Lightning

    It's a convenient schedule for us Northeast and Mid-Atlantic guys who like a bit of media exposure but don't have the budget or time to do the Majors tour.

    I met the East Coast Director, Andrew Conner at the March Lion test weekend and he turned out to be a very friendly and accommodating guy. He recognized that it was an expense and commitment for me to modify my Prelude to their series, and offered to let me run in the Sportsman class in IT trim. It's convenient for me since I was planning to upgrade the car to STU anyway and the rulesets are similar enough.

    His email is [email protected]
    in case you have any questions

    Here's the link to their site with the regs and the obligatory logo image:

    Hope to see you guys out there.

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    Roger Maeda - #7 ITS Honda Prelude Si
    South Jersey Region

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    Nice idea but...quite a bit spendy...
    Not my circus...not my monkeys...

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    Yeah, if the series gets super competitive than I can see it being expensive. I guess that's the nice part of coming in early. I can throw cams in my ITS car and potentially run against some of the local ST / ITR contingent for a little while.
    Roger Maeda - #7 ITS Honda Prelude Si
    South Jersey Region



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