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Thread: What is the coating on a Panasport wheel?

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    Default What is the coating on a Panasport wheel?

    I have some older panasports and I want to make them look brand new. Are they paint or powder coat? I can do both, prefer powder, but want to know for sure. Something about potentially putting flamable materials into an over concerns me! Paint will burn far lower than powder. The outers are still very nice. If I can just blast and recoat the spokes, that will save time, money and leave them as pretty as when the left the box!

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    at the 350-400 curing temp of standard powders, you will not have any problems with cured paint if it's still on there. it might yellow a little bit, but I would think you'd be OK for the short time the wheels are in the oven... but it certainly won't burn.

    If you choose to powder coat, look for low temperature powder to help reduce the temps needed to bake it on. this will reduce the risk of doing any damage to the heat treatment on the aluminum structure.
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    If you decide to remove any paint/powercoat, be aware that certain treatments/baths that remove coatings can anneal the aluminum.



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