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Thread: 2014 Improved Touring Participation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Bettencourt View Post guy has an unlimited budget and one guy can spend 1/10th of that
    /10 =

    no comment on the current argument, I'm just being a nerd jerk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Amy View Post
    I simply cannot disagree with you more, my friend. It is because IT does not have "full" status that it has survived as long as it has, and has been the most stable philosophy of the last three decades of SCCA racing.

    I agree with Greg here 100%. If it would have been under the microscope, with CRB members trying to apply comp adjustments all over the place, it would be just another class because the IT community doesn't like that BS.

    IF, and only if, the CRB has the foresight to realize that it thrives BECAUSE of the lack of fiddling, they COULD not mess with it. But as Greg has pointed out numerous times, he seems to know that is simply pissing in the wind at every turn and could never be possible.

    We will never know because the juice may not be worth the squeeze.
    Andy Bettencourt
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    Not sure Andy,
    I have 6 ex IT cars at the shop for conversion to HP or Chump. One customer asked about all of the Sciroccos. "Well, SCCA treats the Rabbit and Rocco the same. They run at the same weight, so why use a car that is 7in taller? " Exit Rabbits.

    The 9/1 compression ,A1 cars cant run with the MK3 Golf Or Honda. So they are here to go Prod, where the 2.0 is listed in FP, and all of the 1.8 can run the same engine and weight.
    The non adjustment due to the "process" pushed these cars away. Some went straight to Chump as the value of the 1.8 cars went from 5000$ to 2000$
    Maybe the A1 with JH should add 150# and go to ITC?

    The allowance of megasquirt for all injected cars dr0ve a few more to Prod. A simple adjustment to the CIS cars by around 100# may have left those cars in ITB and not HP. I hear" that why spend 1500$+ for a regional only class when I can move the car to Hprod spend a little more and race more cars with closer comp." The car only cost 2500$ for this guy. The MS engines are well trimmed to 7000RPM where the CIS has issues over 6500.

    So I believe that the non timely corrections has run a few from IT racing to other venues. Luckily Prod is a good fit for many, but Chumpemons has taken many of my best funded customers.

    Keep in mind that I dont consider the Chump racing weekend similar to SCCA. I cant talk my Chump only drivers to racing SCCA with all of the down time. That is a separate subject and problem That i can't see SCCA adjusting to. It is simply an option that did not exist a few years ago that is siphoning off cars and drivers. I now have 5of 6 Chump team drivers in SCCA.

    Adjustments based upon results, bringing back outlier cars are bad for the outliers, but good for the pack. Treat the pack better. IMHO and more will stay.
    IMHO, MM
    Mike Ogren ,, 352.4288.983 ,

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    If Topeka is "hands off" with IT and won't let us piss in the nationals pot, why don't we improve our own pot to piss in? If people get their rocks off over an embroidered jacket, why can't we fill that vacuum ourselves?

    I like the idea of the rotating Runoffs. Maybe rotate the ARRC? Atlanta, Mid-Ohio and whatever the fave is in the N-E? I know I respond well to hype machines.



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