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Thread: Jersey Road Racing Classic at NJMP

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    Default Jersey Road Racing Classic at NJMP

    The Jersey Racing Board will be conducting TWO NJRRS championship series races at New Jersey Motorsports Park. This event is the Jersey Road Racing Classic (JRRC) regional races on the Thunderbolt course on 17-19 October.

    The weekend starts off on Friday with 'The Prelude', a separately sanctioned, one day regional on the Thunderbolt professional course using the Turn 3 chicane. Each group will have a practice session, qualifying session and a 12 lap race. This will be only the time this year NJRRS races using the Thunderbolt chicane.

    It continues on Saturday / Sunday with 'The Jerk' regional using the standard course (no chicane) and the popular three race format . Each group will have a qualifying session and three races of 8, 10 and 12 laps. Lots of track time, plenty of racing. Two days, three races - Race, Race, Race!

    The season is coming to an end and it is time to get excited for the "Jerk" (keep your hands on the wheel). The Jersey Road Racing Classic is just around the corner. The JRRC will be season finale for the NJRRS series - NJRRS Points - as well as the last 2014 race in the Northeast Division. One last opportunity to run your car before the winter break / overhaul.

    There will be no separate SCCA Test Day for the JRRC.

    Online registration is now open at on the DLB site - Select South Jersey Region as the Club to see the event calendar.

    The Prelude --- Schedule and Supps ... Register ... Entry List

    The Jerk --- Schedule and Supps ... Register ... Entry List

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    Really enjoyed this format last year! The Prelude was really low key and a fun event, glad it was brought back again this year!

    Sad I will be out of town for the race. :-(
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    interest spark! Time to dust off the cob webs off the car and the driver!
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