For Sale: 1992 Spec Miata with spares and tools – $13,000
Former Flatout arrive and drive car. Built off a 1992 1.6 tub in 2008. Ran up front in ProIT despite a loose nut behind the wheel. Switching to a different form of racing so I need to let the car go. Car was maintained with an OCD eye on things by a Porsche race mechanic. Engine oil changed every event, the rest of the drive line was every two or three. Hubs changed at least once a season. If you want to see specific pictures, let me know and I can snap whatever you want to see. Also available with an open, twin axle trailer w/ mounted tool box and spare tire for an additional $1,500.

Cage by Flatout Motorsports – NASCAR bars on both sides
2009 Race Engineering 1.6 motor, Marren Serviced injectors
Koyo 54mm aluminum radiator
Sutton Straight Intake
Springfield welded exhaust
Transmission rebuilt in 2012 – about 5 races since rebuild
New ACT SM clutch/pressure plate and slave cylinder in 2012
Torsen diff from a 1999 Miata
Updated subframe braces
Blueprinted hubs and long studs on all four corners
1999 Shock hats and Fatcat bumpstops
Race Technology DL1 data logger and Dash 3 Lite display
New battery in 2012 (always lives on a trickle charger)
New Schroth Profi II HANS belts for 2013
Momo Super Cup Seat
Momo wheel with quick release hub
Right side net
Miata Cage adjustable sway bar end links
Lexan NACA duct in driver’s side quarter window
Hardwired transponder
Hardwired, user-programmable radio in car with second radio for crew
Drago rear calipers (deactivated parking brake) and new Mazdacomp calipers up front
Stainless brake lines
Carbotech pads
Two sets of SM6s (two heat cycles on each set) on Team Dynamic wheels w/5mm spacers
One set of unused Hoosier rains on Team Dynamic wheels
Extra set of street wheels and tires for rolling the car around
Longacre drink bottle setup
Rennmetal ballast plates mounted to passenger floor
Firebottle on passenger floor
Removable side windows for transport/storage
Longacre rearview mirror
Current Log Book

Extra front and rear Mazda OEM calipers
Caliper rebuild kits
Front and rear rotors
Mazda OEM brake master cylinder
Several quarts of Redline diff fluid
Several quarts of Redline trans fluid
Several bottles of Motul RBF600 Brake Fluid
Motive Power Bleeder with adaptors for brake and clutch master cylinders
Iron Canyon alignment kit (sans level – I rolled over it during an alignment)
BatteryTender trickle charger

Feel free to contact me at gpkjm at Comcast dot net.
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