Good Morning:

As the subject line notes, it’s time to think about three ofdays of driving on America’s only purpose built F1 track, Circuit of TheAmericas (COTA) in Austin, Texas. MVP Track Time has scheduled thethree-day track event for February 27 – March 1, 2015.

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the cost toplay at COTA. The entry fee for all three days is $1,350, a little cheaper (HA, HA) than2014. Like our previous visits to COTA, this will be for Advancedand Intermediate experience level drivers only. If you are indoubt whether you meet the Advanced or Intermediate criteria, don’t hesitate tocall us. As with previous years, there are only 140 (four rungroups of 35 each) available for COTA 2015.

The $1,350 entry fee for all three days at COTA can only becompleted with Pay Pal (you can use any major credit card through Pay Pal ifyou don’t already have a Pay Pal account) at the link below:

Once you have completed the entry fee, head over to theRegistrationPage of MVP’s web site (link below) to register. You’llneed to scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the blue outlinedbox. Click on the Event drop-down menu and choose Circuit of The Americas February 27 – March1, 2015.

When we have allocated the registrations by run group, basedon track experience, we will send out a group confirmation e-mail to each rungroup. We will once again have four (blue, green, yellow and red) rungroups allowing us to schedule a minimum of two hours of track time eachof the three days.

If you have any questions, grab the phone and call me at(314) 249-3770 or you can e-mail [email protected]. Happy Motoring and I hopeto see you at COTA.

Mark Pfeffer