1) Turbo Jetta Roadster, Chumpcar roller with decent cage. 300$ or $500 with swirl pot fuel system. 1830# RTR

2) 1985 VW Scirocco Roller, nice cage . Old SCCa ITB car now running HP. Kinda rusty and we are moving the power train to Michael's new shell( Thanks, Thom) 800$ with newish Bilsteins. 400$ rolling on stock junk.

Many of you rented this car as it has 3 logbooks and many track days on the east coast. First ice raced 1991, Watkins glen' 92- 96

3) caged 1988 VW Scirocco 16V Roller. Solid car with nice cage. Bilstein fronts. 2000$

No power, trans, seat or belts. on all above

Also -1984 BMW 318 i -Ex Cali car now in FL. My wife's daily driver. 3000$. antique plates in FL. 100$ per yr insurance.
M3 front suspension, springs, bushings, with Billy HD struts. No rust, needs paint. Runs perfect with most of the fuel system new. Gets about 32mpg / 26 with the AC on.
Slow but steady and an wonderful solid driver.