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Thread: ITS Bmw 325i/is change in weight

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    Default ITS Bmw 325i/is change in weight

    SCCA Fastrack News
    August 2014
    Page 17

    1.#13836 (Raymond W. Peterson) Weight Calculation

    In ITS, BMW 325i/is (87-91), change the weight as follows:
    2750 2710

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    Having built several M20 motors for both SCCA and SpecE30, I don't know where they got their HP numbers. I have never seen a 100% legal build exceed 180hp at the wheels. That said, weight should be around 2650#
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    2710 is from straight "process" math based on OEM publsihed hp. if you have info on maximum hp in IT trim, please submit relevent build info and dyno sheets - we are very open to reviewing such info and when convinced, establishing corrected weights based on "likely" output by changing the default % gain multiplier or by running "what we know" - though we usually play conservative with the former as the latter is so hard to prove and evolution of tuning and prep always means we don't know for sure. we alwasy want to see more cars in the hunt, though.

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    This was the best change ever made for the E30. I am competitive, I could use another 50lbs off, but then, I'm not unhappy. The E36 and E46 chassis are just much more superior to think about competing at anything more than my local club. I think if I were to want to win the ARRC, I'd follow Chuck Baader's example and got for the 2.7 eta in ITA.
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