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Thread: Proposed sarrc rule change

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    Default Proposed sarrc rule change

    Southeast drivers a heads up. I have made a proposal to the SARRC committee to remove the restriction of only one double at a given racetrack. I have proposed to keep in place the limit of 4 SARRC races (A double counts as 2) per region.
    Reason for this is to give regions the option to have 2 better attended doubles instead of forcing them to hold a double and 2 singles. Some would open the rules further and just remove the double restriction. This would lead to an expanded schedule in an already over raced section of our division. Please let your SARRC rep know soon if you support this as they will be asked to vote on this in the coming week or so.
    Steve Eckerich
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    I certainly hope this leads to fewer races and better subscription!!
    Chuck Baader
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