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Thread: WMR Majors @ Grattan 8/23, 8/24

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    Default WMR Majors @ Grattan 8/23, 8/24

    Members of the IT community are cordially invited to participate in the "Majors at Grattan" hosted by WMR on 8/23, 8/24. Registration is now open at This is the last Major for the Northern Conference so the Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday evening.

    The schedule looks like this:

    25 minute Qualifying Sessions
    20 lap/25 minute Sprint Races
    10 minute E-Practices
    25 lap/45 minute Feature Races

    As usual for WMR, prod/GTL is running by itself (make me look good and make this group large) and we're group 3 of 7 (not too early, not too late).

    A lot of good reasons to come out:
    -If you haven't raced here before, its an awesome race track that is very challenging.
    -The track was repaved a couple of years ago and is VERY smooth. Track records will might as well be you doing it.
    -The bathrooms, showers and concession stand kitchen have been completely rebuilt for this season.
    -We have, BY FAR, the best track dinner Saturday night and that's included in the entry fee.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me ([email protected]).

    Dayle Frame
    (WMR Competition Manager)

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    Due to a lack of entries in SRF (group 5) and DOT (group 6), we are revising the schedule. We will be combining these two groups, re-ordering the run order (so SM and STL do not run back-to-back) and adding a practice session for all groups. Here are the changes:

    1. Group 5 (SRF) will be combined with group 6 (STU, STL, T3, T4). Each group only has eight entries as of this writing.
    2. The combined group will now be group 6. Big formula and the sports racers will be group 5.
    3. We will shorten the qualifying session from 25 to 20 minutes.
    4. We will add a 15 practice session.
    5. Sunday's schedule remains unchanged. Two e-prac sessions followed by the six feature races.

    Note that this allows for more track time for the folks who signed up early.

    Registration is still open and can be found here:

    The new schedule and race groups looks like this:

    Group Start Finish
    Practice 1 9:05 9:20
    2 & 5 9:25 9:40
    3 & 4 9:50 10:05
    6 10:10 10:25
    Qualifying 1 10:35 10:55
    2 11:00 11:20
    3 11:30 11:50
    4 11:55 12:15
    - lunch 12:15 13:15
    Qualifying 5 13:15 13:35
    6 13:40 14:00
    Sprint Races 1 14:10 14:35
    2 14:45 15:10
    3 15:20 15:45
    4 15:55 16:20
    5 16:30 16:55
    6 17:05 17:30

    Group Classes
    1 AS, GT1, GT2, GT3, T1, T2
    2 F5, FF, FV
    3 EP, FP, GTL, HP
    4 SM
    5 FA, FB, FC, FE, FM, P1, P2
    6 SRF, STU, STL, T3, T4

    Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

    Dayle Frame
    WMR Race Chair



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