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Thread: West Coast Majors at Inde Motorsport Ranch and Airport

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    Default West Coast Majors at Inde Motorsport Ranch and Airport

    This weekend will be the second Majors race in the West Coast area. I'm really getting excited about this race. It'll be my first race on my new suspension and my second on BF Goodrich R1's. We also have a full podium of STU cars signed up, so hoping for some contingency this weekend.

    The track website:

    And a video of the #4 cw configuration:
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    I know this post is four years old, but I was wondering if there is still any SCCA racing at Inde? I just did a bike school out there and the track was so much fun. I would love to run a race there in a car sometime.
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    Unfortunately no the SCCA hasn't been back since the major I believe. It is a shame because it is a hour from my house. By the way what happened at VIR durng the practice on Friday? I was out helping my brother and notice the car was apart when I walked by?
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