The process is beginning on moving to a new forum software.

  • The forum database is currently being backed up as a safety net, in case things go pear-shaped; worst case, we end up where we are right now (would really hate to lose today's posts...)
  • Once that's complete then Mr Webmaster is building a test forum in an alternate location, restoring today's DB to that test area, and testing the upgrade process from old to new.
  • Once testing is satisfactory, he'll install the new software over the existing live database.
  • Configuration and customization of new site.

This forum may experience an occasional outage during that process; don't panic. It's all planned. First outage may be tonight, periodically from 8P-11P EST. You may also experience shorter outages from (9P-10P any night this week.

If you are aware of any spam that's still out there, let a moderator know so we can delete it; we want to avoid bringing that crap over. I'll work on filtering out a spammer user list for Mr Webmaster to look into deleting.

There's no rush, it'll all get tested prior. We'll let you know before the Big Bang...