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Thread: Best rain tires for IT7

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    Toyo RA1's seemed like a decent compromise in the rain.drove my 2nd race ever at LRP in a downpour.That was all I had.Dick P forgot to tell me the cutoff broom handle with sponge on the end before the race...LOL. When off drives left between 2 and 3.Not because of tires......but couls not find the track...LOL. Toyo's are cerrtaimly not as good as dirt stockers in a downpour..but you will not burn them up looking for the wet line later!!

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    BEst rain tire for the IT7 is by far the dirt stocker. Don't let the bias ply aspect scare you. When its that wet, the bias ply feeling is lost in the sauce.

    "Best intermediate" is an interesting question, because "intermediate conditions" are NEVER stable. You need the tire that will be best for the majority of the race. Seeing the future is key. On a drying track, thats not super hot, A compounds can work great.

    On a wetish track, when the radar shows more showers coming (Radarscope app for iPhone: $9.99) then chilling on dirt stockers until the skies open can be the right move.. But again the key question is WHEN will the skies open? can be the right move.

    You'll notice I didn't name a 'true' intermediate tire. Thats because I think it's the LEAST important category to have. I wanted sets of (4 sets) : Low cycle R compound race rubber. higher cycle R compound race rubber (practice and times when competition is light), true wets (dirt stockers) , and A compound qualifying and cold damp track tires.
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