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Thread: S13 240SX spherical bearings

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    Default S13 240SX spherical bearings

    This is more of a public service announcement than anything in case someone else out there is wanting to get sphericals for their S13 suspension. I'm working with Chris Brinson at Kingpin Machine to redo all the sphericals on the suspension in my car. Since this is IT racing it will be all stock suspension pieces. I found that many of the existing sphericals are loose and decided to go ahead and redo all of them. Chris is local so I can get the parts to him to work on when he has time. He did the front and rear lower control arms for me quickly as I needed to get them replaced before the ARRC. The new bearings are much stiffer than what was on the car. He is using high quality teflon lined bearings (i.e. no maintenance) that should last a long time and the difference is noticeable. The sleeves are designed such that a circlip can be removed and the bearing pressed out to replace. During the offseason I'll get the rest of the rear done along with the front tension rods. Once he's done he'll have the measurements, drawings, and programming to machine up the parts for other people. It's excellent pieces and there aren't many people out there doing this work so it'd be good for him to stay in business. If you're thinking about upgrading your suspension look him up or drop me a line and I'll give you his info. If you're reading this and have something other than a S13 then give him a call and he can probably help you out as well.


    Edit: Probably be good to put in a link to the Kingpin Machine website, though it wouldn't be too difficult to find. Go here:
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