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Thread: Announcing the Opening of Registration for the 2013 ARRC by GRM

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    Default Announcing the Opening of Registration for the 2013 ARRC by GRM

    First, congratulations to everyone that made the Runoffs this year. Go fast and safe.

    The Atlanta Region SCCA would like to announce the opening of registration for the 20th running of the American Road Race of Champions, November 1 – 3, 2013.

    Join us for a 3-day event at Road Atlanta that promises great racing and a lot of fun!!!

    Schedule at a glance:

    Wednesday October 30, 2013
    Registration Opens at 4:00 pm
    Gates open for Paddock move-in at 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

    Thursday October 31, 2013
    Road Atlanta Test Day

    Friday November 1, 2013
    Qualifying Sessions
    Pro-IT Race

    Saturday November 2, 2013
    ARRC Championship Races

    Sunday November 3, 2013
    “Luck of the Draw” Spec Miata Pro Challenge
    Trans Am Race
    2 Hour Enduro Race I had the incorrect duration before
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    Just a quick reminder that the ARRC is the last - and perhaps most important - points race for the CoolSuit Systems IT National Tour. Year end trophies will be awarded at the Saturday night party, for those attending. The current top three in each class follow, with car make and points going into the ARRC indicated:

    ITA – Matt Downing (Honda, 41 points), Scott McAlister (VW, 38 points), Joseph Witkowski (Dodge Neon, 25 points). ITB – Dan Hardison (Honda, 36 points), Kevin Fryer (BMW, 26 points), Scott Hileman (VW, 25 points). ITC – Jim Royal (Renault, 22 points), William Shearer (Honda, 18 points), Elliot Bavely (VW Rabbit, 17 points). ITR – Matthew Rooke (BMW, 16 points), Ricky Thompson (BMW Z3, 14 points), Colby Schindel (13 points). ITS – Mark Keefer (Mazda RX7, 34 points), Gary Ellis (Mazda Miata, 31 points), Brent Walton (Datsun 280z, 28 points).

    Full point standings are available on the ITNT web site at


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    Final results for the IT National Tour were determined after the ARRC, as follows:

    Name, Hometown, Make/Model, Points

    Matt Downing Pickerington OH Honda Coupe 41
    Scott McAlister Brockport NY VW Golf 38
    Garrett Dunn Commerce Township, MI Honda CRX Si 29

    Dan Hardison Delaware OH Honda Civic DX 36
    Kevin Fryer Arlington VA BMW 2002 26
    Scott Hileman New Albany OH VW GTI 25

    William Perry Sale Creek TN Honda CRX 30
    Jim Royal (not provided) 22
    William Shearer (not provided) 18

    Matthew Rooke Hoboken NJ BMW 325 16
    Rickey Thompson Goldsboro NC BMW Z3 14
    TIE Colby Schindel (not provided) 13
    TIE Don Himes Sterling VA Honda S2000 13

    Trevor Degioanni Cumming GA Acura Integra 38
    Mark Keefer Mars PA Mazda RX7 34
    TIE David Kim Gardendale AL Nissan 240Z 31
    TIE Gary Ellis South Park PA Mazda Miata 31

    If you are on this list and weren't at the ARRC to get your trophy - or if you know someone who is - please IM me or email kirk.knestis(at) with a shipping address, so we can get yours out to you.



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    Default Congratulations to all of the IT National Tour winners and Thank You!!!

    Congratulations to all of the IT Nationals Tour winners, we at the ARRC presented by GrassRoots Motorsports were proud to be a part of your last event of the year and host the award presentation at the ARRC.

    I'm sorry that this thank-you note took so long to come out. On behalf of the Atlanta Region SCCA, we'd like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting the American Road Race of Champions presented by GrassRoots Motorsports. We had a great 3 days of racing starting with a Pro-IT field of over 40 cars on Friday.

    We are already planning for next years ARRC. It will be held on October 30, 31 and November 1 & 2. Look for a true championship caliber event with some special events. I can already see some Spooky IT races in the future.

    If you have any thoughts on how we can increase the number of IT Cars at the ARRC, please let me know. We want to make this your championship and your input is important to us.

    Atlanta Region is looking forward to a great 2014 Racing season, mark your calendars now...

    March 21 - 23 - March Majors - Get an early jump on the runoffs with the only Majors race in March
    May 17 - 18 - SE Championship Series
    July 12 -13 - Double SARRC, ECR & Pro Series
    October 30 - November 2 - The Spooktacular American Road Race of Champions

    See you at the track!!!

    Thanks again

    Nick Voigt
    Competition Director
    Atlanta Region SCCA
    [email protected]
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