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Thread: 2013 SARRC SIC 'newbie'

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    Default 2013 SARRC SIC 'newbie'

    After a 7 year absence, I gave up on National racing returned to IT racing this year with my 1994 Ford Mustang Cobra in ITO.
    The results were good.
    With light competition and a reliable car, I was able to get 6 SARRC victories and qualify for the SIC at Robeling next month.
    While I have raced at Robeling several times over the last 12 years, I have never raced at the SIC. So I am looking for insite on how the SIC will differ from the hundred or so races i have already done.
    Also how the SARRC scrutineers treat ITO, as it has a 'special' rule set.
    I am in group 3. What time can I expect to be done on Sunday?
    Can I get there on Friday evening and still get a campsite with electrical hookup?
    Rodney Williamson

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    The SIC (when I did it) was generally a fairly laid back event, partially because the schedule wasn't awful. It really felt like a regular Regional - except it's at a track that really favors cars that prefer long corners. Not good for FWD cars but probably very nice for you.


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    Don't expect things to be much different from any other SARRC race. As Kirk says, it's actually a bit laid back since it's only a single race (plus ECR) versus the usual SARRC double. I wouldn't expect anything out of the ordinary for tech, either. You probably won't be able to find a spot with electricity by Friday night, since a lot of people come early for the Friday test day.

    As far as when you'll get finished, there's a good chance that Group 3 will be run before the 11-12 lunch break, so you'd be out of tech before noon. At worst, you'd run immediately after noon, so everything would be wrapped up for you by NLT than 1:30.

    There's usually a good sized field for you race with a wide range of speeds, so you'll probably need to make sure your mirrors are clean . There are a couple of very fast ASRs and 3-4 fast GT1s, so you're likely to get lapped a couple times.

    Welcome to the fun!
    Tom Lyttle
    Decatur, GA
    IT7 Mazda - 2006, 2008 SARRC Champion
    ITS Nissan 200SX - finally running correctly
    FP Ford Capri - waiting for a comp adjustment
    GT3 Dodge Daytona - what was I thinking?



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