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Thread: SR20 Transmission 5.1 Final Drive for B13/B14/B15

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    Default SR20 Transmission 5.1 Final Drive for B13/B14/B15

    MFactory is willing to make these final drive gears greater than the current 4.785 they offer.

    These 5.1 would be great I tested the 4.785 but I feel I could still benefit from a bigger like the 5.1 on the tracks I run as I bet many of you would do too.

    In a 7,500rpm rev limit the car would still push 135mph in 5th gear

    And in a VE like me with a 9,000rpm would push 160mph on 5th

    What I want say is that the cars will still make good high mph with the short final
    and have a killer tranny ratio for the infield.

    and if you ask why not make a short gear ratio transmission?
    well some Categories like IT-A and Autocross don't allow modification to the gears only the FD.

    and a PAR GEAR Set would run $3k and upwards vs these MFactory that its about $580 + s&h.

    We need 3 more in order to get this done.
    If anyone is interested contact me at neovvl at gmail dot com.

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    Hello Neovvl;
    Could that same supplier be able to make final drive ratios for the GA16DE as they now will have a recalculated weight in ITB and could be weighting about 2290 Lbs making them much more competitive. How many sets(minimum) do they require, and what would the price be???

    Efrain N Alers
    Nativo Performance
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