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Thread: IT National Tour Schedule - HELP?

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    Default IT National Tour Schedule - HELP?

    We had a pretty good little committee last year working on scheduling and other decisions for Year 1 of the ITNT. However, vagaries of life (wrecked cars, new jobs, new classes, etc.) have conspired to distract us from clarifying this year's schedule. In short, we kind of suck.

    A request to add the April 20/21 double at Pittrace has once again catalyzed conversation about the schedule. We don't really have a representative quorum on the current "committee" so as one of the guys with the keys to the website castle, I figured it couldn't be worse if we solicited input from you all. Here's the goal:

    ** A selection of "elective" points counter events, to complement the IT Fest and ARRC, which are must-do events.

    ** A selection of the highest-profile regionals on that list, typically doubles

    ** Geographic representation, with each "area" (that's a loose construct here) getting its choicest option on the calendar

    So, what have you got? Currently in the mix are...

    Feb 9-10 - DONE
    Sebring - Sebring FL
    Central Florida Region

    Aug 9-11
    I.T. SPEC*tacular
    Mid-Ohio - Mansfield OH

    Aug 24-25
    Kettle Moraine
    Road America - Elkhart Lake WI
    Chicago Region

    Aug 31 -Sep 1
    Summit Point - Summit Point WV
    Washington DC

    Nov 1-3
    ARRC by Grassroots Motorsport
    Road Atlanta - Gainesville GA
    Atlanta Region

    Recommendations? It takes NOTHING to run a points race, as we just poach the results to figure points. We have a trophy fund for this year, much like last year's. We have some stickers....

    What we don't have is some additional ideas about where to run. Help?


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    NARRC Runnoffs for the October event?

    Watkins Glen in July is pretty big up in this area as well...



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