Ok West Coasters – lots of talk about “no West Coast Championship caliber race”, as the Eastern part of the US enjoys the “big ones”… well last year (2011), a group of active racers and workers got together and resurrected the West Coast’s Pacific Coast Road Racing Championships. The PCRRC originally ran in Northern California back in the day that there really was only one sanctioning body for Road Racing, but the 21st Century brought about many more choices, and ultimately many different race groups to run with… Enter the “new generation of the PCRRC”. If no Sanctioning Body wants to hold a Championship Race on the West Coast, let’s have our own…. AND, let’s remove the sanctioning body constraints and get everyone to run together for a chance at claiming the bragging rights for Fastest in the West and the Pacific Coast Road Racing Championships Champion.

October 27 and 28, 2012.

Buttonwillow Raceway Park

Taking lap times from the various West Coast road racing organizations and their applicable classes, common lap times formed some pretty intense Run Groups, and Trophy Groups. Vintage Lotus Super 7’s racing with Spec Miatas, Formula 5000 versus Swift Formula Atlantics, Shelby GT350 versus a Z06 Vette.

Our rules, not SCCAs, not NASAs, not VARAs. Qualification races, No contact tolerated, No impound.

Thanks to support from the following Sponsors, entry fee is low, great Saturday night BBQ Party with music and all. Sponsorship from RJ’s Bar and Grill, Yokohama Tire, Mazdaspeed, Dennis Bear Photography, Cal Club, NTS Inc, and Porterfield Brakes.

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