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Thread: ITS Ford Mustang(s) Build - Stripper Stang Part II

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    Arrow ITS Ford Mustang(s) Build - Stripper Stang Part II

    Attempt number two at running a Ford in IT. I present for your inspection Ford's finest level of Mustangness for the 1998 model year, a cherry two owner 71k loaded V6 5-speed Rustang.

    This car drives extremely well and everything works. The Macpherson struts and rear shocks are shot but otherwise ok. It has the Mach 460 sound system, leather interior, power seats, ABS, cruise control, tilt wheel, and AC. Naturally it is equipped with the 3.8L "I don't want to rev past 4k" torquey V6 and a 3.08 or 2:73 rear gear which puts the top speed at somewhere over 210 MPH. Went that fast this morning on the way to work.

    The idea is to whip this thing into shape and make a competitive ITS car out of it. I haven't dynoed it yet, but I did manage to weigh it. With my fat ass in the seat and my daughter recording weights we're at:

    3129 lbs total
    903 862

    690 677

    So it weighs less than the 2002 model I had last year, maybe 100 lbs less. We've got mission impossible to get down to a spec weight of 2480 lbs. But, there is a lot of weight lurking in this thing with the options and so forth. Not enough weight, but maybe enough to get the car down to the 2600 lb range and I think it could be competitive there.

    If I end up building it I'll put it together as a build thread here. Step deux is to dyno it bone stock.

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