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Thread: ARRC pick 'em

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    Default ARRC pick 'em

    I posted this on the brown board, but this is, so it should be here as well.....

    OK, It's a week out, the 13 is over, so we are pretty settled on the entry list.

    Who's going to win?

    I'll take my shots. Some very tough calls.

    ITR: Kip VanSteenburg. I helped pull his motor down at tech last year and he's a casual guy, but that hides his prep approach. Robertson has the same car, but Kips got, I think better prep, and more miles.

    ITS: I see Huffmaster is registered. Sorry Zsolt, he's from another planet. I gotta ask Steve E where he gets his power. Ungodly.

    ITA. Wow, this is a huge throwdown.Geeez. Rob Moser, Joe Moser, Brian Price, Kevin Ruck, Nick Leverone (in the Bettencourt Miata), Ed York and Chuck Baader, and what the heck Travis. I'm probably missing somebody. Leverones not registered, so I'm going on a rumour that he'll be there.

    It's tough to even narrow it down to 3, but I'll try: Joe, Kevin or Brian.
    But I can totally see Chuck and Rob busting that up.

    I'll go with experience: Joe wants revenge for his last win but DQ (the cold air "drain hole" protest/appeal), and kevin is riding a huge wave of major wins.
    Honestly, I flipped a coin:Ruck. Joe, Rob, Brian Price are probable podiums. (I eliminated the others based on consistent laps..while I think they can throw down fast ones, these guys have showed me they can do it every single lap)

    ITB This is nearly harder than ITA! Underwood, P. Keane, D. Keane, C.Albin, C Shimmel, and.....Ruck all have the car or experience to get it done. I'm eliminating Peter Keane cuz he might be hung over from the night before. (kidding, it's Sunday he hates!), and Ruck because he's got too much to do on the car, and is whining about being scik. And Albin might pull out.. If Jeff has his power back to where he thinks it should be, then he's a threat. Total hunch. Deuce. In a throwdown. Underwood in second by an inch.

    ITCI'm going to go out on a limb. Chuck Reynolds. Only VW in the field. If he makes it through the tech shed.

    IT7 Last years 1st and 2nd trophy guys aren't registered. (And I know I'm not going, not sure about Jeff, but I don't think so...) so the field is open. I've never heard of one of the two entrants, but I HAVE heard of the other: Howard Duncan. He gets my nod. A 50/50 longshot, lol.

    Finally, my side bet is the probability that argy bargy will play a role in determining the podium. I give 50/50 in ITA, and 40/60 in ITB I think the rest will be clean.
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    ITR: KIP V.S.
    ITS: Huffmaster
    ITA: Moser, probably Joe?
    ITB: Keane
    Track Speed Motorsports

    Steven Ulbrik (engineer/crew/driver)
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