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Thread: My 2010 IT Fest Videos. Finally

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    Default My 2010 IT Fest Videos. Finally

    Finally my IT Fest videos. Group 4 races ITC.

    Humorous comments on my driving welcome.

    Saturday afternoon race start - [ame][/ame]
    0:00 I got a bad start and get shuffled back thanks to my tentative driving.
    1:14 I go wide in turn 14 off track and fall to the back of the lead pack
    3:50 I get a good run on Ryan and pass in 7.
    4:26 Ryan and I bump, my first non bump drafting race contact ever.
    5:15 Bill Shearer loses an oil line and spins in 1. Whee!
    5:29 Shawn Hobbs drives all the way from 1 to 2 in the grass.
    Saturday afternoon race mid race battle for 2nd - [ame][/ame]
    0:13 Three wide on the straight
    Then many laps of 3 way battle for 2nd between Jinx Jordan, Jason Jacko and Kristian Smith.
    Sunday afternoon race start - [ame][/ame]
    0:05 Good start, I push Fred White down the straight
    0:18 Phil Alspach gets by us in the grass but we get back by him.
    0:50 Fred and Ryan get together, Ryan gets way sideways
    1:00 I get by Bill Shearer in Thunder Valley
    2:50 I get by Fred White in Thunder Valley
    3:50 I get a good run and pass Ryan
    Sunday afternoon mid race - [ame][/ame]
    0:08 Chasing Shawn Hobbs for 3rd.
    1:20 Apparently I didn't appreciate Ryan's dive bomb in the keyhole?
    3:00 I get by Shawn for 3rd, but not for long
    7:00 Bill Shearer gets by Ryan and gives me a little bump.
    9:00 Thanks to Ryan's bump draft I get by Shawn for 3rd
    9:35 I should be in a solid 3rd but I throw it away and I'm back to 6th.
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    Strong Fiat!!
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    Jim, you crack me up, love the hand gestures.
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