GoRacingTV.com will have in-car camera units available for competitors at the ARRC by GRM.

Competitors with GoRacingTV installed camera units are guaranteed to have their footage in the race video coverage of the championship races to air on GoRacingTV.com.

Itís a great way to highlight your existing sponsors. Put your sponsors logo on the dash of your car and every time youíre in-car foot is shown, so are your sponsorís logos.

Itís a great way to attract more sponsors. Use the video as part of your racing resume; showing potential sponsors the amount of exposure they can get by sponsoring your team.

You get a copy of your video at the end of the weekend.

Unit rental fee is $150.00 with three units available per racing group. For more information call 410-929-GRTV (4788) or e-mail [email protected]