Someone please clue me in on the Toyota Tercel of the mentioned vintage .
I have read they came with a twin cam 1.5 Liter I4 and had somewhere in the neighborhood of 93HP .
Also the weight of one is around 2035 lbs .
Is there an aftermarket for these cars ?
So were these were a close cousin the Paseo ?
Has anyone ever seen these things on track before ?
I looked up them up in the GCR roadracing and they weren't there .
To me that says no one has petitioned SCCA to build one as a racecar yet ?

I have inquired on another forum and one person suggested the STD model .
Does this car have the same drive train as the other models , only lighter ?

If I did write SCCA to have this car allowed into IT what class would it go into ?
ITC or ITB ? I'm really not sure how that part works .
Seems to me this would be a killer ITC car .