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Thread: IT Festival on July 25-26 weekend

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    Thumbs up IT Festival on July 25-26 weekend

    We've added an IT Festival race this year for all IT classes (except ITE since they have their own Festival in October).

    Any driver entered in the IT classes ITA, ITB, ITC, ITR, ITS, ITX on the July 25-26 Regional weekend can participate in an added race on Sunday at no additional cost.

    The race will award checkered flags to all first-in-class drivers and Top Five overall trophies. Drivers will grid for the race based on their best qualifying time; no regional points for this race.

    In addition, all entered drivers are eligible to win raffle prizes at Impound after the race. Prizes already collected include a free Thunderhill race entry, two free Thunderhill test days. RDC (Racing Drivers Club) will award two $75 IOPort gift certificates and two RDC memberships.

    If you want to contribute a raffle prize, contact Sherry Grantz at the Region Office by email at [email protected] or calling 888-995-7222 x 104.

    Weekend schedule will be posted by June 10 on
    Entry deadline is July 10 ($30 late fee afterwards).
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    If I am not mistaken this is also known to IT drivers as the "IT Fest West" event that is part of the Improved Touring Drivers Championship competition.

    That means that this event is one of the 3 race weekends where drivers can score points towards the ITDC in their class (along with Mid-Ohio IT Festival, and Road Atlanta ARRC events).

    More information can be found here.
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    Yep! and Hopefully (?) the MM Miata will be back at it with Dean Thomas driving again this year...
    That is, if I can ever get all fo the parts bolted back on it.

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