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Thread: Mr2 Ita/b

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    maybe co-driving an enduro in one would be more attuned to my budget & attention span
    Ken Brewer
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knestis View Post
    "Effective 1/1/09"

    I think it will be a great addition to an already good class. The Corolla GTS will be awesome too, if there are any left that haven't been drifted to junk.

    except that the quoted line is listed under "proposed rule changes or car reclassifications"

    we all know (especially you, being on the ITAC and all) that the car will be in ITB in '09, but there is no official publication yet saying so to the membership.

    FYI - parts of the 2009 GCR are posted on SCCA website- not IT yet.

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    It would be a degree of micromanagement I haven't seen even in SCCA for the BoD to not approve a tiny little item like that, after it has been recommended by the ITAC and CRB. I wouldn't have said it prior to CRB approval, because it IS entirely within their purview to tell the ITAC that it's confused, but at this point I think we can be confident.

    Luckily, it's not like there would be a ton work to be completed to make the change.


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    The MKI is way more tossable than the MKII. Having auto-xed both of them and done some track days in a MKII, it is a GT car to the MKI's sports car. Think of a Miata with a slight rear weight bias. It can burn you, but it also allows you to stay on the power (what there is of it) in long sweeping turns. You can get close to 140 hp out of the 4age without spending a million bucks, now how much of that can be had legally will remain to be seen.



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