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  1. Thanks Jake, As of now I don't have any of the specifics on the engine, or the dyno plot. I am picking up the engines in late march and will get more details then. I know with a stand alone ECU rather than a chipped ECU I should be able to get a bit more, but that comes with a price and a lot ot time on a dyno. I have a few ideas from talking to people but for know I am going to stick with this setup and focus on learning the car. I don't think spending a ton of money (10K plus) to get those extra 10 or so HP is a good investment for me at this time. I would rather get the car on track and play with the suspension stuff, and my driving If you run across a specific person or shop that had those numbers in a legal ITR build I would love to chat with them someday.

    I can't wait to get it out on track, I am up to three shells and lots of parts! I am getting the interior and engine bay areas painted in a few weeks then I will start assembling all this stuff!

  2. The dyno numbers were 212 or 213 if I recall correctly. Also, remember that chassis dynos differ. The source was the Renesis motors used in the Mazda formula car series.
    Sounds like you're low, but close or in the range.
    I would say that you could only say that you have "purchased a race engine" and should have matching numbers if you bought the race engine from the source of the numbers. Did the builder provide a dyno plot that shows he has hit the number you need?
  3. "As a case in point, the RX8 was listed at, over the years, various ratings. The committee couldn't ignore the numbers, even though we 'knew' they were wrong, and sought to disprove them. In the end, we got several dyno sheets within 1% of each other from independent sources of engines built to the IT type ruleset. "


    Anyway to get the contacts on who was hitting the achievable HP numbers for the RX8. I did purchase a race engine that has ECU and all that but I only am getting 201HP from it. I haven't personally done a dyno run or "played" with it yet but I would love to talk to those people to make sure I have taken the correct steps so far and what I should do next to get to the 215-220HP range needed. Basically I don't want to piss away a bunch of money on the wrong stuff!


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