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  1. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the response earlier. I have a few questions if you have a moment. As I stated in a post earlier I have a 88 Rx7 shell with a 89-91 street port 13B engine. I think we are going to run the car in SCCA's STU and NASA's Performance Touring and we are going to use the 88 computer and injectors for now. My question is what is the disadvantages to that? The oil metering pump is mechanical on the earlier car isn't it? Could we just swap it out and use the mechnical one or no? Also, we are looking at using a aftermarket piggy back computer like emanage to control fuel and I was wondering if we go this route would we still be a little short on fuel and if so do we need to change to bigger injectors?? Thanks and any help is greatly appreciated.

    Sean Sweeney
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