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  1. Greg, My name is Dave Rensel and I must be crazy. I contacted you over the summer about setups on a 91 SER. I'm planning on attending a few national autox event in FSP. Should be fun doing battle against the Neons. This message is about getting your thoughts on my current project (already started it) about racing a 1994 1.6 liter 4 door Sentra in ITB. The car was free and nobody will be sad about wrecking a four door. Will the car (not the driver) be able to stay on the lead lap at a regional event with just Koni 8610's and bolt on engine goodies? Any imput or mental health tips would be great. My justification for this project is "it's better to race at the back than to sit on the sidelines"

    Thanks. Dave Rensel
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