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  1. Thanks for the feedback. The next upgrade for the car is going to be a final drive which is going to make a big difference in T1 and T10-12. I know I have a problem in T1, but like you say, it just takes balls. I need to work big time on the T1 breaking zone.

    I will try to fix the video so you can see the sleeping; it is actually me looking for 3rd gear. Took me a little while to find it.
  2. Zman....watched your video..I sure wish the start (you taking the extended nap) had shown. IMHO, you can improve your lap times several seconds in three areas. 1. get a lower should be in 5th just past the bridge. 2. you are leaving way too much on the table in T1...your car will carry much more speed. 3. Same with T12..most of us run flat through there. that is something that took me several weekends to work up the balls to do. Chuck
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