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  1. He ought to be well less than $2500 to install the cage, seat, window net, exhaust, oil pressure gauge, and any bushings or camber plates you need. Its Dan Navrestad at DCA fabrication, 608 781 3929 . My suggestion is to email me with what you are thinking of and I will ask him. Ps, if you want the car for next season, you need to get on his calendar soon, as its stock car building season, If you have any questions email me at [email protected].

    Ps, he does outstanding work. I've gotten nothing but complements.
  2. Hey Bob! I am highly interested in getting my 2002 Civic Si prepped for IT. As to which class i'll be able to compete in i am unsure. I still have to get the car stuck into an appropriate class. It's looking like it's going to be ITS.... I was hoping for ITA however we'll see.

    Anyway you mentioned a while ago about your buddy in LaCrosse WI that did fabrication. Would he really do that much for $2500?
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