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  1. I would advise that you buy the ones which are intented for a Ford Expedition, then Matt can simply make sleves. For rates, 4,000 lbs front, 2,000 lbs rear.
  2. What kind of Koni shocks do I need to buy for ITA ? And Matt said to ask you which weight springs

  3. I'm MUCH prefer doing the Friday sessions. Matt wants to rent the car at the school so believe that's why he suggested my doing a test day on Thurs. Would also love to follow you! Thanks for the offer. I've been there a couple times (years ago). I sucked, and did not enjoy the track.
  4. Dave,

    Let me know if you do the Thursday test, or pay the $80 for 4 sessions on Friday. I will be there Friday and we can do a lead follow. Including the years of karting, I probably have over 10,000 laps there. I still hold the single engine kart record there.
    Let me know.
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