View Full Version : ITS 98 Ford Mustang, IT or Enduro

11-27-2021, 11:42 AM
This car is being offered either as a roller ($10.5k) or with its 3.8 Ford V6/T5 transmission powertrain ($15k). The roller is an ideal option for an Enduro build, including the new SCCA Enduro series, Lucky Dog, or any other endurance series. Itís also a class leading ITS car with its current drivetrain, which if selected will be with a fresh motor. The car has wins at every track visited, VIR (2:12ís), CMP (1:45ís), CMS, RA, RRR and Daytona, including the current VIR ITS lap record. Thereís not a more sorted, drivable SN95 Mustang anywhere.

The Mustang makes a wonderful enduro car as itís a spacious, low fatigue pleasure to drive. While the 3.8L V6 is certainly available, a lighter engine package making 300 or so RWHP would be an ideal option. A significant amount of chassis weight can be lost if run in enduro trim, where the suspension and rear axle could handle north of 300 rwhp, more than a 50% increase over the 3.8L V6 motor. To that end, the car weighs around 2660 lbs without driver or fuel, with the 3.8L V6/T5 package (510 lbs, fully dressed long block).

See the link for more info and a few pictures.

https://www.gt40s.com/images/jeff/81Sale/ITS81scca.pdf (https://www.gt40s.com/images/jeff/81Sale/ITS81scca.pdf)