View Full Version : USDM ITR transmission - 40k miles

05-06-2012, 06:24 PM
Located in Central FL

I bought this brand new from Acura of Las Vegas in 2007 (still have receipt somewhere), I have always taken care of this transmission and its been in my race car. I daily drove on it for a couple of years so my 40k mile estimate is probably even high.

Im looking for $1200 picked up.

Case has never been opened, bone stock USDM transmission.

Im friends with some local guys that Im sure could vouch for me if needed.

I can provide pics if needed, its still in the car.

Im only selling because I blew my STL motor this past weekend and have decided to move to ITB.

This pic is from when I installed it originally...so its not so clean, the j4d stamp has worn off but just to show it is what I say it is. When you buy them brand new they dont come with a vin plate.