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John McNaughton
09-20-2011, 10:33 AM
New Mazda first gen RX7 parts

- New factory replacement lower left control arm complete with ball joint and suspension bushing, part #8871-49-32. They list for $147, selling for $50.

- a pair of tail light assemblies,left & right, for [email protected]

- ** SOLD ** SOLD** an engine hanger plate, for assembling an RX7 motor on a conventional engine stand. Part #49 1114 005. It mounts to the front end plate, and attaches to the ears of the engine stand. $50.

- ** SOLD ** SOLD **12A NEW- STILL IN THE BOX- rear axle bearing, race, seal and paper gasket, part #0317-99-265B. It also includes the following part #'s race, 8531-26-152, seal 0187-26-154. Listing for $32, selling for $15.

- New Mazda 12A front cross member part # 8871-34-800C. Couldn't find a price for it, apparently it is no longer available, selling for $125.

- New, NAPA part, 13B front brake disc and hub, with 1/2" studs, selling for $45. 1 hub only.

- K&N air filter for 48IDA or 45DCOE Webers. Does not have the base, includes top cover. Oval shaped, 11.5'L X 8"W X 4.5"H. $35.

- ** SOLD ** SOLD ** A set of 12A front Tokico non-adjustable struts. I carried them as spares to the spare front suspension. $25 for the pair.

- Spare, stock, unmodified, 13B front suspension, struts and Brake calipers and brake hubs, $150.


- Do you need a front chassis clip? I have a spare, removed from the front of the firewall and forward, $150. Thought we would use it for parts or crash repair. Would that be considered optimism, pessimism or pragmatism??

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