View Full Version : Need Help in the Co. Area

07-17-2008, 11:22 PM
Looking for a little bit of help in the Loveland, CO area. We are looking at a car online to buy but we are a LONG way away from that area. The car is a SCCA SPO car with an enclsoed trailer, so someone with atleast a little bit of racing knowledge would be helpful. Actually just a car nut would be helpful at this point. You don't have to drive it or know a ton about race cars, I just want to be sure the car and trailer are what the buyer says it is. We are willing to pay for gas plus a small incentive for the help we receive. Pictures, would be a HUGE bonus!!! Anyone willing to help out a fellow enthusiast??? $20.00 plus gas seem fair???

email me for any more details, I can't get online as much as I really need to. [email protected]


Bill Reynolds