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08-12-2007, 11:08 AM
Group 4 is out now with not as smoke as Yesterday. It's been an interesting morning.
Group 1 Qualifying Race: #17white (Jason Albright) drove off driver's right at 16 with mechanical
problems.#84red(Brian Frank) drove into pits with heavy smoke trailing behind.#57blue(Jake Gulick)
was reported to have a loose hood.#62yellow(Goran Pesevski)went into China Beach-center field about
10ft.Safety 1 was dispatched to remove 62 from the beach.#3orange(Kevin Ruck)and#33red(Greg
Amy)got together around turn 8 and one of them made light contact with the armco-they continued.
#26silver(Brent Breon)drove off at station 9 with mechanical issues.After cars were in pits,I went to
get #2blue(Jan Rief) who had a broken halfshaft.
During Group 2's Qualifying Race #91black/white(Tom Lamb)came into the pits on fire due to blowing
an engine somewhere around 13 or 14 and oiled the track.
Also #3yellow (Dave Gran) broke a left rear hub at turn 9 managed to keep it right side up with only
quarterpanel damage.
And it's not noon yet!!!

08-12-2007, 01:30 PM
In Group 1's Race just before lunch #32yellow (Wayne Biglin) hit the tire wall at driver's right turn 16 a ton
with his rabbit-car went at least 12ft in the air! Glad the driver is ok-car needs help.