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06-14-2006, 12:31 PM
Hey again all. So, after the scandal that is now being referred to as "Corolla-gate," I am looking for a new ride. So, I have gone back to doing some research (you should see the excel file I have, its impressive in its complexity) and thought that the Probes deserved another look. Basically I am looking to get a car that will be able to do track days to start, with gradual modification to IT legal. I am going to keep it street legal to start with as well. The Probes in question are the 1st gen LX model with the Vulcan V6 or the 2nd gen model with the Mazda V6. I believe Stacy was working on getting the Probe LX classified in ITA. I am assuming it will be specíd out similar to the DOHC Neons, in which case it looks pretty good on paper. I just donít have any experience with this car. Is the motor responsive at all? Do parts for the Ranger truck work on this motor? Any thoughts?
The ITS gen 2 Probe/MX6 look good on paper, except in the power department. The big issue here is going to be my region. Living in SoPac, the tracks tend to favor cars with long legs, and I do not know what kind of improvement these cars would see under IT rules. Anyone have experience with them?
Thanks for any help!


06-15-2006, 07:55 PM
We're in the process of building a 93 Probe GT. There's more out there for it these days than when Chris M built his back a bunch of years ago. Dan's PGT is still not on the track yet. Had issues with a shop he used. I only know of Chris' PGT & Dan's out there for ITS cars.

Search a bit & you should find a post or 2 about the PGT here.