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11-21-2002, 01:11 PM
I have not posted many things on the board as of late, because we have been very busy with our new racing safety equipment company. What started off as a few race suites and helmets is now a basement, a new 4 car garage and a 26’ enclosed trailer chuck full of everything racing you could want. We offer a 110% low price guarantee on all G-Force Racing Gear products and do NOT raise our prices at the race track. It is not right to take advantage of racers because they need something at the track.

Here is the reason for this posting. This week we became Master Warehousing Distributors for Hawk Brake Pads. We now have every hawk pads in all compounds for everything Z and more. Even the ol’ Chevy ½ ton tow vehicle.

ITS-Z Front

240/260Z Blue= $89.02

240/260Z Black=$80.84

240/260Z HP Plus=$44.09

240/260Z HPS=$34.42

IT7 Front

IT7 Blue=$78.49

IT7 Black=$73.55

SM Front

SM 90/93 Blue=$80.11

SM 90/93 Black=$72.74

SM 94/97 Blue=$80.11

SM 94/97 Black=$72.74

This is an example of some of our pricing and please mention IT.com to receive this discount. If you have any questions please call us and have a safe race season.

http://Forums.ImprovedTouring.com/it/biggrin.gif Ron Zappendorf www.discoveryparts.com (http://www.discoveryparts.com) 888.748.race