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Greg Amy
09-22-2002, 10:12 PM
Note that "value-priced" equals "I'm a cheap screw but I really do need a car trailer." I'm looking two different ways.

I'd really prefer to find a good used trailer that can handle a 2500 pound IT car ('why buy new when used will do?'). Don't need a tire rack, don't need a tool box, just need a good trailer. Must be dual-axle, and CT requires brakes on all axles. Ideas, suggestions?

The second avenue is to buy new. This pains me, but if there aren't any good values in used it may be my only recourse. Where have you found good prices on no-frills trailers new?

Thanks for the suggestions! There's no rush, as I'm pretty much done until next April. I'll be scouring the Bargain News all winter...<grin>

Greg Amy

09-22-2002, 11:54 PM
hey Greg-

I'm with you...bought used. I have the generic beavertail twin axle with electric brakes. I'm SO grateful for those brakes. No matter what, get brakes if it's at all possible. When you load the car on it, then start trowing in the inevitable collection of stuff, the towed weight adds up, plus tools and parts and tents and family (I think I saw you in June paddocked near me with a Caravan, right?) the tow vehical gets weighed down too. I had a hairy ride down the hill from the Glen a few years back in an empty E150 van with nothing but a car on a trailer....I've been a beleiver ever since. As a matter of fact I just saw a realy cool brake controller on "Two Guys Garage" that doesn't need to be wired into the tow vehicles wiring circuit! I guess they multiplex the signal right over the 12 volt wiring! Anyway, another reason to buy used and put the extra cash into superior braking!

My trailer was about a year old, and pretty mint. I paid around a thousand, and the guy included the controller, some spare parts and a sway away thing that I've never felt the need to use.

I've seen 'em for less, but usually there's a catch....rust..no brakes or one axle. I would imagine that if you buy when the market is flat, or find a guy who's all hot and bothered to pick up an enclosed trailer and needs the cash, you might be able to pick up a decent two axle unit with brakes for $800 or so.

Just make sure to go through it and go over the brakes, magnets, lights (always huge peices of crappola, I replaced mine with more reliable units) and bearings before your first long haul! We are all guilty of ignoring the trailer maintenance-wise! Also, make sure you have a spare. While it's possible to limp home on three, it's not a great way to travel! I mounted mine horizontally in the front part of the car section, kinda under the framework. It's worked out well there.

Good luck!

PS...there's not much to see, but I'll be at Lime Rock for the NARRC runoffs if you wnat to take a look.

Jake Gulick
ITA 57 RX-7
New England Region
[email protected]

09-23-2002, 05:18 AM
Give these guys a call:http://www.traileroutlet.com/home.html
I bought my trailer last year from them and got a good deal. What you have to ask is to see if they have any rentals they are selling. I paid $1400 for a $2000 trailer because they rented it a few times. I have a 16' open pit wooden deck dual axle brakes on both w/ 7000lb gross.

Joe D.
Future ITS pilot

10-21-2002, 10:54 PM
[quote]Originally posted by grega:
[B]Note that "value-priced" equals "I'm a cheap screw but I really do need a car trailer." I'm looking two different ways.

Did you get a trailer yet? I bought a brand new CarMate CM816A-CT for 1799. (I live in NJ, and bought it locally from Franklin Trailers) I love it! It is heavy duty, dual axle, diamond plate runners, open pit (except for cross braces). 16' long, GVW 7000, trailer weighs 1640.

Meg Meyer
#27 ITC Honda Civic

Greg Amy
10-22-2002, 07:29 AM
Originally posted by megmeyer:
[quote]Did you get a trailer yet?

I have not. Feel free to contact me with the details at grega*at*pobox.com